Thursday, December 31, 2009


Even the flag on Governments House is Croatian and European but we are not a part of the EU family.


or chestnut baker, saying f_ _ _ _ off monkey, thinking I am a foreigner and dont understand, and it is our tourism, my God! Before me just a second there was a big group of Russians, maybe he took my face as a Russian, I dont know, but he makes money from tourists and is against photographing. Poor man!

River Sava after Flooding

But the city is OK cos around is a high riverbank.

H N Y (to me)

Governments House

But the governmental system not comparable with N Z Goverment. Vive le John Key!


Graphiti and Museum of Naive Art. Some ppl. say Primitive Art.


Actually, Upper Town in Zagreb, but reminds me to one P P work.

Housing N Z

No, sorry, it is Croatia but the same rubish with high prices and nothing in side.

Small Country for Great Holiday

Miroslav Krleža House

On 29/12 I visited for the first time Miroszlav and Bela Krlesza house (Bela was his wife and actress). There was an anniversary of his death and visiting the memorial house was for free. Miroslav was a great Croatian writer in all fields of literature, especially in drama. He was writing in Croatian, German and Hungarian language describing the and of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. He was very close to the Nobel Prize but there were some politiks matters i believe what prevented it. But anyway we had one Nobel winner (Ivo Andrich) in 1964. On the upper image you can see Miroszlav and Bela portraits.

Bakery Shop

and a little customer

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bakers House Prechko

Old Cementery Vrapche

Street at Vrbani

Election Day in Croatia

We are voting for President of Republic of Cro for next five years. There are about twelve contestants and expecting Ivo Josipovich to be a winner.

Intensive Gardening


for new vine.



Foggy at Arsany



Riesling '09

Suddenly Installation

No Snow

Destruction & Creativity

Fascists sign I saw in Auckland as well but the Art Stone Installation is the first I saw at Lake Yarun. It represents Europe geology and some inside EU links as teritory very very deep in the earth.

Yarun's Whale


For touching. Where is N Z and AU?


Friday, December 25, 2009