Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo Literature

Russkie Babushki

Central library.

Melting down ...


So many of them around!

Taxi Rank

Veggy Market

One of more in the city and in villages around. Prices higher than in N Z and vages much lower.

My Library

Curiosum is that in the very small library about 7 librarians have their jobs what is over-employment hundred pc. Just nice empl statistics.


The name of Cro national handball team. Here is one of two doors and up is a Cro player.

At the moment in Austria is in progress the European Championship in handball.

Female netball was funy for me at the begining but now I miss it very much. N Z and Aussi matches were gorgeous.

Yesterday Nice Day

It is recreation area Yarun full of dogs shits. No help. It is not Mission Bay where plastic bags are everywhere for forget-able owners.

Kitty Found

Just call the number.

Man from Park

Now how he can live around the shits and that signs.

Unknowen Authors

It is the situation in city parks - shitty city. Why I did not see it in Auckland!?