Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Cro ppl

Photo contest Hrastico 2010 with folk music, good food and varietiy of vine.

New Zagreb

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tractor driver an artist

Sleeping rooms of new Zagreb


Our Instituts are not schools with students just places where old and bold people work and recieve salaries from Goverment.
This one is Institute of History, before of History of Workers Movement. Today the word worker is almost forbiden in this country. Why? Bad status of mind generally, reminds to communism some ppl say.

The country as souvenir

Upper town

Tower Lotrscak has a gun for big shot every day at midday.

New Zagreb

During the communism era Zagreb moved over the river Sava and the new Zagreb was built for so many new comers from the whole country of Yugoslavia. For so many years the new Zagreb was called a sleeping room but today it is really nice community with its own spirit.

The same place ...

The same place 63 years after. X mas Eve 2010.

Zagreb 1947

The photo from Ivana Tomljenovich show. Tough times of introducing communism into our society. One party, one leader one army etc. after 1941 - 1945 Nazi period in CRO. Too much for so tiny nation.

Profession: The singer

Friday, December 24, 2010

Trade Union Xmas Tree

Ruined house in Sedlarica


Ivanic Stjepan, Števica, Stephen at Hrastico 2010. My x neighbour and friend from early childhood. Happy to see him after so many years!

Winter sleepiness


Two works of Ivana

Interesting she has never had eny show or expo in her life exept at Bauhaus school as a first semester student what was a must by school rules.

Ivana Tomljenovich Heller Cro photographer and painter

Ivana was a student at wellknown German art school Bauhaus from October 1929. Here is her autoportrait and her photo portrait. There is a show at Towns Museum in Zagreb about her work and life. It is this story about communism, nazism and members of familiy killed during WWII. It is our bloody history of XX century.