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My Neighborhood


I like taking photos of them in Zagreb. They - front part of buildings are so beautiful.


It is there where is Cathedral. The hill where is situated Croatian Catholic Church, very rich and powerful organization governed by Vatikan.

Art Critic

East EU Invention

To wait and to wait 1-2 hours to pay a phone bill is really shameful. But it is like that in East EU everywhere. And we want to be a part of west world?

National Colours

Cro soccer uniforms for soccer fans in shop window. Soccer is national symbol like rugby for NZ. But soccer fans are big problem, they make troubls, it is non-comparable with nice N Z rugby fans.

Public Library Prechko

What a nice space, what a civilized place, much better then in Auckland with dirty floors and librarians sometimes - unfortunately. But in Croatia customer service is very bad. In that way Auckland is better. In the space work three ladies and surprisingly they are above average but they dont understand some basics how to deal with customers. They behave like bosses.

Tram No 12

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Denis Motorbiker


Today everywhere in the world ppl like installations

Buoy at MOTAT

We Croatians have our MOTAT or Museum of Technology same as NZlanders in Auckland. Here is one item at the front entrence door to the Museum.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stoyadin or Z 101

Its was a symbol of our families in 1970th. The car produced in Kragujevac, Serbia, relatively cheap. My family had one for almost ten years. This one is very old maybe 20 years, not maintained properly as an old timer but I was glad to meet him.
Stojadin is a Serb male name derivated from the word stojedan what means one o one or 101 cos the official name of the car was Z 101. Z means Zastava or the Flag what was the name of the Factory in Kragujevac. My friend Vladeta NZ taxi driver was from Kragujevac.


For many cities in the world it is just dream to have such a perfect public transport like ZET (Zagreb Electrical Tram).

The most visitied site resently from my computer cos I am looking for a job in this severe recession. Now I can say in my CV I am literate in English after ten bloody years being in NZ.

Auckland - Zagreb

Both have Viaduct but this one is a buliding company for roads, bridges etc. In Auckland it is a restaurant.

Woman and the Doll

Yesterday she was selling some staff and the doll. I said please let me take a pic and I would ask my daughter is it good to have it at home. Of course it was just excuse to take a pic of that very interesting Bosnian face and traditional woman. Otherwise no photo because as I said ppl dont like to be photographed. They consider it as atack. I like to be a model to anybody cos it is so natural.
At the other hand the doll was a topic of P Pereyers famous photo.


Park, Prechko

From Photoshop Window to Eternity

Devoted to G McKone my favourite NZ photographer!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is it nice, the Life?

White House

Accomodation in Cro

Almost like NZ Housing but I miss colourful Pacific neighbours with docens of children around. NZ your chance, dont miss!