Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yugo-nostalgia/ Kiki sweets

The dogs

Tal nation

Sava today lazy

And dogs because every Croat especially a woman take it serious to have a dog. Witouth a dog nowhere cos the dog is the law! Like boots!


How I survived the winter, dont know!

Thursday, May 20, 2010




Tall Croman

Street Art Yebomaycu

English spelling like for swearing in Croa language. It is -jebo majku- or fuck mother what is just a phrase in cro culture and nothing serious.

Gypsy Way

Allo, allo Rene

Pub Allo, allo in Zagreb

Train/Tram Factory Gredelj Ltd

Once upon a time there on the top was the name TITO as I remember. Cult of personality time like Stalin.

Through Tram Window


more ...

Aesthetics of Dispersion

Many examples in Photography about that. I like it!

National and Uni Library

Today National Archive. I spent there my bloody young years studying the bloody law just for nothing.

Business Lady from 21 Century

MOTAT in Zagreb

Technical Museum like one in Auckland. In past we had lots of inventors like this one called Shwartz, then Penkala, Hanaman, Kutchera, all Croatian from Austro-Hungarian times.

Botanical Garden in Zagreb

Very small garden comparing with what I saw in Manukau City.
121 years old.