Monday, December 31, 2007

Raw material for an idea

The title I saw at one blog and it is the method how photographers work. Take it, save it and wait what can happen in future.

Post scriptum: the same motif of blue flowers ( I dont know the Kiwi name but I know Croatian what is Zganci)) I have found at under artist Derek Hendersom, fantastic NZ and Aussi photographer Derek Henderson

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Mairangi Bay Beach 1/1/08

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Mairangi Bay Flowers

Taken today 1/1/08.

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Eh, voila

New Year is today here in NZ. Early morning I was at the beach. Nobody there, even no wind, mysterious situation. Later on came ppl but not so many. Nice atmosphere on 1/1/2008.
Voila is a French word I hear very often here. Ppl learn is school French and voila is one of few words left in their mind. Like with my school mates who can say much more, like "c'est la vie" - the end. I can say more, like "bon jour" or "un, deux, trois" or la rose d'important ...
Happy New Year to my soul photo friends and all others!!!
I think there was a play in theatre "Happy New Year"???
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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Late afternoon. The year is easily behind us. We in NZ will get first a new one, after us all others.
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It is homage to my first teacher of photography and a teacher of geography in my Primary school.
His name was Mato Ciprijanovic. He was a photographic enthusiast. By his instructions I took my first photo. It was a picture of our school I remember very well.
Here is his work Geese still on the wall in one Museum close to my hometown. Taken by Zdravko Jakupec, photographer.
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Sentinel Building in Takapuna, Auckland, I have followed the growing of the building with my camera.

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Display Home

It is a display home in Albany, North Auckland or Northe Shore. Glass, plastic, wood is the traditional way of building in new world. In my country it is all built using bricks, cement, gravel cos it must be firm, not like in story on three little pigs.
Anyway, it is beautiful architecture non affordable for an ordinary Kiwi

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L'important, c'est la rose

Toi qui marshes dans le vent
Seul dans la trop grande ville
Avec le cafard tranquille du passant
Toi qu'elle a laisse tomber
Pour courir vers d'autres lunes
Pour courir d'autres fortunes
L'important ... etc

Sings chansonnier Gilbert Becaud
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New Year's Eve 2007

Here is a song in Croatian writen by Croatian poet A Dedic. It says all to whom it may concern!!!

Na zlu putu

Ja cujem kako noc koraca
od tebe glas ni dobar ni zao
kao strasne vijesti znakovi na nebu
izmedju nas rat je stao

Otvaram vrata u jutro nijemo
a preko noci snijeg je pao
kako si daleko, kako si daleko
izmedju nas rat je stao

Odnijela su sve vremena ova
krivicom mojom, tvojom, cijom,
sjeti se kad smo prepuni snova lutali kisnom Venecijom

Postelja sad je ukleta ladja
u snu sam tvoje ime zvao
ne moze te naci pismo bez adrese
izmedju nas rat je stao

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Butterfly (2)

Today is the New Year Eve. I noticed that the butterfly cought yesterday afternoon was stil in the net last night but disappeared this morning what means it was left for New Year's Eve breakfast.
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Kiwi Women

I like Kiwi women cos they are strong, smart, independent, blond, very west European oriented, and there are so many other features I like ... In one word - Bravo for them !!!
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Saturday, December 29, 2007


In 1977/78 I was serving as a soldier in Yugoslav People's Army. As a very good trainee I was awarded with the book Banquet in Blitva written by one of our best writers Miroslav Krleza.
Down is written document made in oath that I am ready to defend my homeland Yugoslavia even if I lose my life.
It was 1977/78 in the city of Niss, Republic of Serbia after graduating at School of Law in Zagreb.
Somebody can say I am stupid writing all that staff, but it is my life, the only one I have had. My country, parents, my teachers from Primary school to University spent hours and hours with me and big money was spent of course to give me secure life. Secure life ...

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Not Lucky

Butterfly cougth in spider's net Good flashy dinner.
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Mexico, Mexico

Russian movie director Sergey Eisenstein made that documentary in 1933 in Mexico. I saw it many years ago. I called to mind the masterpiece today when took the photo.
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Aotearoa is Maori name for New Zealand and means Big White Cloud (like this one on picture taken around Auckland Airport in 2004). Maori came to NZ somewhere around year 900 of new era from area where is today south of China. They found here indigenes tribes of Moriori (but there some other theories that Moriori are just Maori who came to Chatam Islands around 1500 from Aotearoa).
NZ is today self governed country with Westminster type of goverment what means members of Goverment are members of Parliament what in continental EU countries we call incompatibility.
The head of the country is the Queen Elizabeth II shared as a Head by some other countries, like Canada, Australia, GB. It is what I remember from the cubject Consitutional Law I learned in 1972 at my School of Law in Zagreb.
Maori are Maori and EU Newzealanders or Pakeha (Maori name for white people) are Kiwis and Australians are Aussies.
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At the end of the day (29 of Dec 2007) something in the style of Fotoforum fotografers of AotRoa
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