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Monday, March 30, 2009

Non-Maori Kiwis

Very hard to spot them around in the sea of Asians and Pacific ppl cos they live and work at home in their family businesses, contact with world by e-mails and mobiles and when weekends come they go to their batches (houses in province). Very hard working ppl.

Tourism in NZ

Is very developed. Wealthy ppl from the world coming here with their yachts, especialy from Asia.


Ten bloody years

I have ten years living in NZ 30/03/99 - 30/03/09. Dark side of my life cos of my bad luck.


Saturday, March 28, 2009



Tropic Plants in B&W and Colour

Osijek by Franjo Halusek

Osijek is the city in Croatia. Oszeg in Hungarian. Hobby photographer Franjo Halusek lives there and regularly takes pictures of the city. Franjo Halusek would be in English Francis Fisher. Halusek comes from Hungarian word halasz what means a fisher (but on river). We Croatian have many surnames based on Hungarian words, the same have Hungarians. One of most common Hungarian surnames is Horvath what means Hrvat and Hrvat is actually Croatian man or woman because Croatia in Croatian language is spelled and named Hrvatska (feminine gender - she Croatia or Hrvatska)). Croatia and Hungary were two countries being for centuries together in so called Personal Union.
My homeland Croatia can be one of the happiest countries in the world but it is not. Why? Many reasons. One is always and forever corruptive governments. It makes ordinary people with common sense out of mind nad crazy. That's why we immigrate everywhere.


Shopping in B&W

Coffee Bar

Victoria Street

Friend's Birthday

Today we had BBQ at friend's house. Here he is with his Maori neighbour.

Amazing Kiwi

Another amazing I listened today at Victoria Park Market was the Kiwi singer. She was gorgeous.

Aussie Excellences

Today when browsing around Victoria Park for my photo activities I met that wonderful Aussie young women. It is amazing how people can be approachable and nice.

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