Sunday, August 7, 2011

Theatre closed in Summer

Another iron door

Wheels at Yarun

I remember old big wheel in Auckland port if you go from Fish market towards the see and can find there many fishremen. Nice to photograph and I have some images taken there.

Art of making iron walls, doors ...

Researching rubish - contemporary art of surviving!

Thinking on winter time!

Woman in summer clothes

Kvartovska spika

Exchanging news on the street. Spika is from English - to speak and kvart is the village of the city in this case Prechko village, Zagreb.

Boys this week at Yarun lake

Mary or Marija

After many years I met her last week still in good mood with her bottle of beer behind the shop.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Locked business

No idea whats that?

Pigeon republic


To the south


Radio an TV industry of Zagreb

Our first TVs were produced here in 1950thies. Today just name.

Anavoidable boat

Always when passing the boat I must take a photo of it.

Pubs in Prechko.

Monday mornig. All pubs full, nobody works and can we expect the Greece future?

Village of Prechko

Table tennis club

In the door I saw antoher concept - of a group of artist from Zagreb called Gorgona.

Alea iacta est

The same name belongs to the artist A Maračić whos work i like very much. His work is conceptual art.

S Abadžić photographer: new photo book