Thursday, January 31, 2008


Cemetery in my hometown in Pitomaca where I took many photos and made a short 8 mm documentary at the end of 1960th.
This photo was taken recently by a friend. It is a private chapel of family Gotz.
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Braco Dimitrijevic: Triptychos Post Historicus, 1991

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Seen in a shop window at Taharoto Rd, Northcote, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand, our planet. One of great installation artists in this world is our Yugoslav man Braco Dimitrijevic. A great artist born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, studying at School of Visual Art in Zagreb and post graduating in London, living today in Paris. He was finishing his studies in Zagreb when I started my law degree. He set up one direction in visual art he named Posthistorism, a fantastic conception. Google him and you'll get big enjoyment. I took these images thinking about his great work!!!
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Digital Darkroom

Gallery and Digital Imaging Studio, 273 Dominion Rd, Auckland
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Vitamins' Resource

Fresh fruit in a shop where I stop very often these days for peaches.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Takapuna Streets

Ballet dancers' costumes prepared maybe for Tchaykowskiy Swans Lake or in Russian for Lobodinoe Ozero. The Composer is the most performed one at NZ Radio FM, a program of 24 hours classical music every day where one of presenters is Iva Radich, very Kiwi and very internatioonal lady at the same time with a very Croatian name and surname. She knows very well her job. Her interviews with variaty of musicians are extraordinary.
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Rally 1974

I've found the picture in a shop in Henderson in Auckland. It is silver print in bad condition with no glass protection but picture is gorgeous. In the middle of mud and dirty water.
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Visiting Albany Village

Albay is not Albania, it is north part of Auckland I visited today afternoon.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

28/1/08 Auckland's Anniversary

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Tomislav Saic Show

My friend T Saic has a show in our hometown of Pitomaca, Croatia. He named the show San or in Engl Dream. It is his first singl show. Many people visited the show on open day last Friday what means photography becomes very popular. Tomislav is a member of our local Camera Club "Mirko Laus" in Pitomaca. He has specific sense and nerves for visual. In his photos it seems like very dramatic and boiling inside. I believe he will make a virtual photo Expo through Google to represent his work to wider audience.
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Some Favourites

Some images I like very much. Dead Snapper, Linzi's daughter taken by Linzi and I just ordered framing, Runner in Remuera, and one in Peryer's style.It is interesting how I see motifs around like/similar to Peryer's works. L Aberhart or H Benge are great artists but nobody touches me so deeply like P Peryer here in NZ. He has smth magic inside. His pictures are coming from somewhere totally out of interest for ordinary eyes to smth as extraordinary fine art. His blog is better experience than any art school, I believe. Criticizing this country for my poor position I at the same time have found here in this art work something very essential for my life. That work is like me like smbd said L'etat c'est moi. That work (PP’s) c’est moi!

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Angel 2006

Taken at Hillsborough Cemetery, Auckland. Somebody said it is like at NZ photographer L Aberhart. I like Aberhart of course but I started taking photos at cemeteries somewhere with beginning at Camera Club in Primary school what was 1964-65 and I even made a short 8 mm documentary about our cemetery in Pitomaca, Croatia. I dont know where it is now.
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Kiwi Wedding ...

Couple + 3 + 3 + photographer is very typical for every wedding. The beach was close to the house and nice scenery to take pictures at Pacific side of Auckland or East Coast Bays. "We dont know how lucky we are" is one song very often heard on radio or TV here.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Wedding ...

And close to the house is a beach where a photographer has taken pictures of the couple. What is better in this world - to have wedding, to be in love and to have so many beaches around.Posted by Picasa

Weding Today

In this house we had wedding today. Kiwi wedding with a nice young couple.
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New Zealander

From the point of an immigrant as some say a new (N)ew (Z)ealander.
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Tree (2) Hobsonville

Here is one more pic of the tree. It is much more red in realm than on the pic.
Going to Hobsonwille from Albany there is a new part of motorway what I knew but yesterday used it for the first time. It was enjoyable. I had a German couple with me going to have a barbecue at friend's house in Hobsonville.
Coming back I watched fantastic tennis mach from Melbourn, R Federer - N Djokovich, at the end 3 : 0 for young Djokovich.
I am a Croatian he is a Serb but I am happy cos I consider him as from my country what was former Yugoslavia. Somebody said his mother is ethnic Croatian and they have three boys/sons in family.
And today is final women's match Ana Ivanovich v. Russsian Maria Sharapova, as well Serb who I think as our tennis player.
How would be nice to watch Marina Erakovich at the tournament in Melbourn in final match???!!!
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CRO Spider

I have taken in my high school years in my parents garden. I have found the film in my bags and made prints in one Studio. The spider has a cross on his back and we call it something like Spider Crusader/Cruiser. Crux, crucis = cross as I remember from my high school Latin years what is very important to drive taxi in NZ cos English is coming from Latin and English Language Commands are very important for taxi drivers. Public is very angry when taxi drivers cant properly speak English and thats why more academics are wellcome in the industry.
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Tree in Hobsonville

Taken today
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pacifika Dream

Maybe I had this picture a long time in my memory since I read the first time the story of Pinokio, south seas and a big whale's stomac where Pinokio met his father.
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And Albany today after noon

Like mushrooms after rain.
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