Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Historical Corner

The pictures were taken in 1978 in the city of Subotica or in Hungarian Szobotka where is my wife from. Population is Hungarian 70 %, Croatian and Serb (end others). Spoken languages are Serbo-Croatian and Hungarian.
We were not married yet cos I was in Yugoslav Army and it was one of my weekends at my wife's home where she used to live with her mother.
My wife or girlfriend looked very happy and proud on the pic. Now I see how big eyes she had.
Down I took her portrait at the entrance door of her Grammar School, very old school and very big building what can be seen just in that south eastern part of Europe. You cant imagine if you dont go there and if you dont have a local friend who would introduce the city to you. And it is all past, my wife doesnt exist, I dont exist, our parents dont exist, children dont exist, nothing exists and nothing left of our lives.
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