Friday, January 25, 2008

Tree (2) Hobsonville

Here is one more pic of the tree. It is much more red in realm than on the pic.
Going to Hobsonwille from Albany there is a new part of motorway what I knew but yesterday used it for the first time. It was enjoyable. I had a German couple with me going to have a barbecue at friend's house in Hobsonville.
Coming back I watched fantastic tennis mach from Melbourn, R Federer - N Djokovich, at the end 3 : 0 for young Djokovich.
I am a Croatian he is a Serb but I am happy cos I consider him as from my country what was former Yugoslavia. Somebody said his mother is ethnic Croatian and they have three boys/sons in family.
And today is final women's match Ana Ivanovich v. Russsian Maria Sharapova, as well Serb who I think as our tennis player.
How would be nice to watch Marina Erakovich at the tournament in Melbourn in final match???!!!
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