Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vinograd in morning

Birthday party

Roofs in Zagreb

Homage to Ivan Kožarić

There is his show at M S U Zagreb called Over the Line. He is really a senior over 90 and still working. Down is my photo but very similar to I K installation that some years ago was a Cro represent at Venice Bienale. Up is his autoportrait. Croatians, make smth of you and see the show.


I have feelling they are more looking around than working comparing with N Z plummers who I was observing as well on the streets of Auckland. They (Croatians) would say we dont work hard cos we are not paid enough and thats the end of all stories in the whole economy here at west Balkan (cos employees are not paid enough).

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One more ...

One of Peryers works that kills me softly. I have some books of him and it is so inspiring for me, never boring to look at them, NZ really has great photographers.

Peter the Great

A N Z photographer I like so much. The work from his book P P Photographer, Universtity Press Auckland, 2008.

Library at Starčević Square

What a nice space, especially now in summer cos no ppl in the city and temperature is very moderate comparing with 30 C outside. Here is a smell of Austro-Hungarian times.

Building of importance

Maybe smth has happaned in this house, smth of historic importance (posthistorism by B Dimitrijevich, an artist)

Friend Tomislav

King Tomislav (coronated in 925 after C). My friend cos I am Tomislav as well and we have in Auckland Folklore Sociaty King Tomislav founded by Kiwi Dalmatians.

Under construction

In summer time like everywhere in the world streets are under con. It is Petrinyska street in the city. Petrinya is a Cro town known by meat products and by the company Gavrilovich.

Zagreb empty

It is the Main Railway Station. Very few people.

S a v a

Yarun these days


Dogs school

St Markos Chruch and Square

Left: The building of Cro Goverment

Air conditioned


Summer means fresh fruit

Glyptothek, Zagreb


Pylon at river Sava

Garden this morning

Braco Dimitrijevich, Paris